Advantages of Large Private Kindergartens in Singapore

Advantages of Large Private Kindergartens in Singapore

Kindergartens in Singapore are not only increasing in number, but the space they occupy is also becoming larger. The land area has quickly become something private kindergarten Singapore see as an asset, and possibly a requirement. Parents have become equally taken by the large space and consider it a priority when looking for a kindergarten for children. However, does the size of the kindergarten matter? There is no doubt that there are benefits to enrolling your child in a large kindergarten. 

Greater interaction with more children

Large kindergartens accommodate more children, which in turn allows your child to develop socialization skills, especially if the children are from different backgrounds. If you are concerned about your child’s socialization skills, you need not worry because a large kindergarten for children will help him thrive and improve his communication skills.

More space for play

One challenge that schools in the city face is lack of adequate space for children to play. Some kindergartens even sacrifice play space for classrooms in a bid to attract more children. Unfortunately, play is just as important as classwork for children. They learn a lot during playtimes, such as the value of sharing, gross motor development, and a chance to discover everything that goes on in their surroundings. 

Availability of dedicated learning spaces

When a private kindergarten Singapore has sufficient space, it is possible to have dedicated spaces for learners. For example, the kindergarten can have age-appropriate play areas to limit injury of younger children when playing with older children. 

Having dedicated spaces also means all children can be out playing or learning at the same time. Small kindergartens tend to schedule playtime to limit crowding in the small play area. However, this also means that children who are in class learning are distracted by the noise coming from the kids who are out playing. Large kindergartens need not worry about this because the play area can be far from the classroom. 

Vacancies for more children from the same family

When parents enrol their child in a small kindergarten, the possibility of getting another slot for their other child a year later can be tricky, especially if there are no vacancies. So, the parents are forced to take their kids to different kindergartens for children, which can be a logistical nightmare if the preschools are located far from each other. Besides having sufficient space for siblings, large kindergartens also tend to have a childcare centre for parents with much younger children. So, families with babies and kindergarteners can have them in the same facility during work hours. 

Large kindergartens are designed to meet the high demand.

Singapore has progressively been moving towards having large kindergartens in residential areas. These will meet the high demand for these services, and ultimately increase kindergarten enrolment in the various areas. For example, preschools have created at least 5,000 places in the kindergarten for kids. 

Although many parents worry about the teacher to pupil ratio in large kindergartens, however, this is a setting that encourages healthy competition. Your child will also get additional benefits that may be missing in the kindergarten for children.