Benefits of Private Kindergartens in Singapore

Private kindergartens in Singapore are quite popular, not just with Singaporeans but with expatriates as well. Parents of children ready for kindergarten lookout for preschools that are likely to provide their kids with the right foundation for formal education.

Since many private schools have been in the market much longer than kindergartens affiliated to the Ministry of Education, there are certainly several benefits that have kept parents interested in introducing their children to formal education through private kindergarten Singapore. 

Private kindergartens use multiple curriculums.

The MOE approved six curriculums to be used in kindergarten for children. Private kindergartens opt to use or multiple curriculums to educate the young children who are taking the first step to getting a formal education. 

If you are looking for a kindergarten in Singapore, you’ll find them using Montessori, Play-based, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf Steiner, The High Scope Method, and The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. All these curriculums have advantages, and some kindergartens opt to use two or three of these curriculums for additional benefits for the children. Private kindergartens have greater flexibility when it comes to choosing the curriculum to use and how the knowledge is passed onto the kindergarteners.  

The MOE kindergartens, on the other hand, have to follow specific programmes set up by the ministry. MOE incorporates two major programmes in the kindergarten curriculum, The HI-Light and Starlight Literacy programmes. A kindergarten for children that is under the Ministry of Education has no option but to use these programmes. 

To find out more about private kindergartens in Singapore, read more here.

Private kindergartens are strategically located.

Unlike a MOE kindergarten, a private kindergarten Singapore has greater flexibility when it comes to where it is located. It can be located anywhere, including the mall and other commercial centres. The investors and directors of private kindergartens have the right to establish their kindergartens wherever they wish to unless there is cause for the permit to be denied. 

This makes it possible for parents to decide if they would like their kids to attend a kindergarten closer to home or place of work. So, parents, especially if both are working, don’t feel the pressure of one person giving up their job to be closer to the child, since they can decide where to enrol the child based on their schedule. 

Well trained educators

Since there is intense competition to provide quality education and care to children, most kindergartens endeavor to ensure they provide nothing but the best in a bid to attract more parents and children to the school. One way that they do this is through the hiring and training of the kindergarten teachers. This is done to ensure the kindergarten for children is recognized as one of the best, and that the children are ready to proceed to primary school when they complete kindergarten. 

The teachers are not hired because they are qualified, but most private kindergartens appreciate that a teacher’s temperament is just as important as her qualifications. Some kindergartens carry out regular assessments are training to ensure the teachers maintain the same standard even after teaching for several years. This gives parents the confidence and peace of mind knowing that their children are in good hands.

 If you have a little one and are looking for a kindergarten for children, you have plenty of options when choosing from the private facilities. Ensure you consider your child’s needs when making your choice because one kindergarten will have an advantage over the others, and it could be the cost or additional services offered.

Advantages of Large Private Kindergartens in Singapore

Kindergartens in Singapore are not only increasing in number, but the space they occupy is also becoming larger. The land area has quickly become something private kindergarten Singapore see as an asset, and possibly a requirement. Parents have become equally taken by the large space and consider it a priority when looking for a kindergarten for children. However, does the size of the kindergarten matter? There is no doubt that there are benefits to enrolling your child in a large kindergarten. 

Greater interaction with more children

Large kindergartens accommodate more children, which in turn allows your child to develop socialization skills, especially if the children are from different backgrounds. If you are concerned about your child’s socialization skills, you need not worry because a large kindergarten for children will help him thrive and improve his communication skills.

More space for play

One challenge that schools in the city face is lack of adequate space for children to play. Some kindergartens even sacrifice play space for classrooms in a bid to attract more children. Unfortunately, play is just as important as classwork for children. They learn a lot during playtimes, such as the value of sharing, gross motor development, and a chance to discover everything that goes on in their surroundings. 

Availability of dedicated learning spaces

When a private kindergarten Singapore has sufficient space, it is possible to have dedicated spaces for learners. For example, the kindergarten can have age-appropriate play areas to limit injury of younger children when playing with older children. 

Having dedicated spaces also means all children can be out playing or learning at the same time. Small kindergartens tend to schedule playtime to limit crowding in the small play area. However, this also means that children who are in class learning are distracted by the noise coming from the kids who are out playing. Large kindergartens need not worry about this because the play area can be far from the classroom. 

Vacancies for more children from the same family

When parents enrol their child in a small kindergarten, the possibility of getting another slot for their other child a year later can be tricky, especially if there are no vacancies. So, the parents are forced to take their kids to different kindergartens for children, which can be a logistical nightmare if the preschools are located far from each other. Besides having sufficient space for siblings, large kindergartens also tend to have a childcare centre for parents with much younger children. So, families with babies and kindergarteners can have them in the same facility during work hours. 

Large kindergartens are designed to meet the high demand.

Singapore has progressively been moving towards having large kindergartens in residential areas. These will meet the high demand for these services, and ultimately increase kindergarten enrolment in the various areas. For example, preschools have created at least 5,000 places in the kindergarten for kids. 

Although many parents worry about the teacher to pupil ratio in large kindergartens, however, this is a setting that encourages healthy competition. Your child will also get additional benefits that may be missing in the kindergarten for children. 

A Guide to Private Kindergarten Curriculums in Singapore

The first formal education that kids receive is from kindergarten for children. Even when some parents make an effort to give their children basic training before they join kindergarten, one cannot overlook the value addition the child receives from kindergarten. This is why private kindergartens in Singapore endeavour to have the right curriculum framework and put this list into practice. 

When coming up with a framework to guide some of the best private kindergartens in Singapore, experts emphasize the importance of having the child at the centre of each curriculum creation process. This is the only way for a kindergarten to ensure it has the right curriculum. A kindergarten that implements its curriculum towards the development and well-being of the children is likely to succeed. 

Enhance the active learning principle

Kindergartners are active learners by nature. They learn by observing, imagining, exploring, investigating, discovering, and sharing knowledge. Most private kindergartens appreciate that they will get more children enrolled in the institution if their curriculum surround the child’s care and education. Most kindergartens centre their curriculum around a child’s interactions because they form the basis of their learning process. Besides play-based learning, many private kindergartens also use structured learning to educate the young ones. 

Create a positive learning environment

Since young children respond to their environment when it comes to their attitude towards practically anything, private kindergartens prepare them psychologically for learning. This is done by coming up with a structured learning schedule to help children appreciate the importance of following a schedule, knowing fully well that structured learning is utilized in primary school. 

Private kindergarten Singapore also creates the perfect learning environment for preschoolers by training teachers to be receptive to the needs of children, even as they teach them. When the teacher is approachable, children are likely to enjoy the lessons more. 

Establish a home-school partnership

Children respond best to predictability and routine, both at home and in school. Preschoolers rely on their parents and teachers to help them learn and become successful. This requires teamwork because once a child realizes that there is a discord between what the teacher says and what the parent says. A child can easily start rebelling. To avoid this, parents and teacher should try as much as possible to be on the same page. 

Invest in the necessary resources

Parents expect a lot from private kindergartens for children. When they are considering enrolling their child into a private kindergarten Singapore, parents often as about the teaching resources, especially in cases where the fees are high. Some of the teaching resources that parents find critical include enough classrooms, well-trained teachers, enough playthings, sufficient space, and the right teacher-pupil ratio. 

Some private kindergartens Singapore also have extra learning resources, especially for children who work till late. For example, some have music, drama, singing, and other talent searches to help the children gain from holistic development. 

There is so much that private kindergartens can do to help parents to become more comfortable and willing to take a chance on the preschool. Investing in the right resources will help kindergartens to become more successful with a high student turn out. 

Importance of Learning Arabic

Importance of Learning Arabic

There are a huge number of languages and dialects around the world. Usually, you need to know how to speak one language in order to communicate with the people around you. However, it is actually a lot better if one person knows how to speak more than one language. It would benefit you in many ways especially if you travel abroad or if you transact with foreign people. Anyways, in this article we are going to tell you about the importance of learning another language which is Arabic.

If you are looking for an Arabic course in Singapore, you should check out Berlitz Language School. They are one of the most established and oldest language schools in the world, and they offer a wide range of language courses and at varying proficiency levels. If you want to learn Arabic seriously, you should check out Learn Arabic Singapore Berlitz site above.

In an article by Huda, he is going to give us some of the importance of the Arabic language in Islam.

The Importance of the Arabic Language In Islam

Ninety percent of the world’s Muslims do not speak Arabic as their native language. Yet in daily prayers, when reading the Quran or even in simple conversations with each other, Arabic readily rolls off any Muslim’s tongue. The pronunciation may be broken or heavily accented, but most Muslims make the attempt to speak and understand at least some Arabic.

Why is Arabic So Important to Understanding the Faith of Islam?

Regardless of their linguistic, cultural and racial differences, Muslims form one community of believers.

This community is based on their shared faith in One Almighty God and the guidance He has sent down to mankind. His final revelation to mankind, the Quran, was sent over 1400 years ago to Mohammad in the Arabic language. Thus, it is the Arabic language that serves as the common link joining this diverse community of believers and is the unifying element that ensures believers share the same ideas. Read more here.

            We all know that Muslims value religion a lot.  They try their best to study Arabic in order to understand the full text of the Quran in its original form. It is amazing how the Muslims put their effort especially for the sake of faith and religion.

Now, Natasha Miller is going to give us some benefits of learning Arabic. Let us read about it below.

Bilingualism: Benefits of Learning Arabic

There are many articles stating the benefits of being bilingual, but not many go into the benefits of being bilingual in a certain language. If you are teaching your child another language anyway, why not choose one that will improve their future career opportunities, such as Arabic? Here are a few ways that learning Arabic will enhance your child’s future.


Arabic is the national language of 20 countries and is the fifth most spoken language in the world. By teaching your child Arabic, you will be giving her the ability to communicate with over 300 million people.  The majority of native speakers are concentrated in the Middle East, but with Arabic being the language of Quran, Muslims all over the world speak the language.

High Demand

With the increasing importance of the Middle East in international affairs, there is a growing demand for speakers of Arabic. Few Westerners ever attempt to learn the language, so there is little supply to meet the demand. Those who know the language are needed in many fields including journalism, translation, education, intelligence, and government service. Read more here.

As enumerated above, learning Arabic can actually benefit us with regards to commonality, high demand, financial incentives, high culture, and intercultural understanding. It is important for us to understand our own culture. However, it is also important for us to understand other people’s culture.

Next up, Quran Tutor will give us eight huge benefits of learning Arabic language.

8 Huge Benefits of Learning the Arabic Language

The history of Arabic language goes back to 4th century A.D when it was spoken in the Syrian deserts. Due to its lyrical tone, it was mainly used as a means of poetic custom in the Arabian Peninsula and its adjoining regions since then. It has basically originated from the Afro-Asiatic (or Hamito-Semitic) group of languages. Most of its modes of communication are vanished already, but Arabic and Herbew are still verbalized, written and understood with former being implicit in the entire world population. Every word of it originates from a specific root verb.

Arabic is the 5th most frequently spoken native diction in the world. It is majorly used by Muslims worldwide, with over 200 million people in various Arab countries, and well recognized in different regions of Africa as well. It was included as the 6th official form of speech in the United Nations because of its widespread usage all over the globe. Besides, it is also the representative tongue in the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), and the African Union. Read more here.

One benefit given above is that learning how to speak Arabic can help us with finding jobs in Arab countries. Many of us seek to work abroad and Arab countries are really in demand. If you wish to work in Arab countries, then you should already learn how to speak their language because it would be a big plus for you. Knowing how to speak Arabic can really help you in many different ways.

Hiring An Enclosed Designer Vs. Carrying It Out Yourself

Ezine Ready Article:. Consider many details to work out: the theme or style of the room or area for your project, materials and charges will be a a part of this. You may go inside a lot of different design directions to get the exact look you would like using the materials that you already have inside your home. Are you thinking of your career in Interior Design? Are you interested in physical spaces, and would you frequently notice your surroundings.

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For the modern gardener, the compartmented design can give endless delight. This is important for people who want to be naughty but discrete. A journaling table is readily available for reflection, along with a labyrinth has been embedded inside the floor for prayer walks or self-reflection through contemplation of the image.

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Feb 07, 2017. All this does is draw attention for the proven fact that you never have room for full sized pieces, and can in fact make the room look cluttered. Hot tub and spa areas are extremely popular for beauty and relaxation, while majestic waterfalls or fountains add a hint of romance to your outdoor space. Hot tub and spa areas are extremely popular for beauty and relaxation, while majestic waterfalls or fountains add a suggestion of romance to your outdoor space. If you’re the master of this website:.

Wedgewood china gives any dining table the wow factor. Rather than being outdated and old, retro takes the best of previous styles to develop a modern approach. You also must enhance your abilities and knowledge of web site design technologies at regular interval. Additional troubleshooting information here.

Support this Man’s Excellent Work!

Independent game designer and artist Edmund McMillen has released his life’s work on CD – and it only costs $10. Guys, this is quality stuff. If I could write that in blinking text, I would damn it! If you don’t believe, just take a look at the trailer below:

This is a rare find, and if you dream of seeing a world full of inspired art, I suggest you order a copy and show your support.


I went to the polls yesterday, and marked my ballot for Obama.  It was a somewhat reluctant vote, but I considered him the better of the two by far.  I strongly believe that the Republican party has disgraced itself (to be cordial) over the past eight years, and could not see McCain as being much different.  While I’m not so excited about a number of points in Obama’s platform, I do see him as a very even, quick-minded individual that will probably be an excellent leader in the tough years ahead.

When McCain conceded and it was announced that Barak Obama was the President Elect, I think something very, very big happened.  It was like I heard a loud click last night, and the entire populace simultaneously came to the realization that things are going to be very different.  It was as if a necessary balance was restored; something that goes well beyond the past eight years.  There is a lot of garbage in the American psyche, and I believe that this election helped us reconcile some of that.

With the election of Obama, the divisions of race have seen an enormous blow; possibly even a death knell, if I may go out on a limb.  Yeah, yeah, there will always be bigots about, but I have a great feeling that there will be far fewer of them.  Things are different.

I’m feeling at home again and that I look to the future with (cautious) optimism.

Personal Alchemy

The Tarot can be an amazing tool for self-realization. On one hand, it is a deck of 78 cards, much like an expanded poker deck. On the other, it is a set of detailed images that are capable of making changes within the observer.

I’ve read plenty of articles and books, and the opinions differ as to why these images are so evocative. Some authors make the claim that the cards should be considered as living things; the forces depicted on the cards are real in an external sense. Others are convinced that these images are primal archetypes that anyone can relate to, much in line with Jungian psychology.

For me, it really doesn’t matter. In all likelihood, it is probably a mix between these two prominent ideas. These images reflect parts of our inherited cultural mythology as well as the ordeals that we all must go through.

Most literature on the Tarot relates to fortune telling, which is an aspect that I am certainly not interested in. Even if it is possible, it sounds like a fine way of learning how to abjugate personal responsibility. Why strive for change if failure is in the cards, right? Fortunately, there are a few finer books that speak on using the Tarot for cultivating inner wisdom.

Wanting to put some of these claims of transmutation to the test, I began an experiment about six months ago. I decided that I would spend a few minutes per day with one of the cards of the major arcana (otherwise known as the Trumps or Keys), and contemplate the symbolism. The pace was set for one card per week in order to let the ideas set in. I kept a detailed journal, and took some time this weekend to review my notes.

While this so-called experiment is obviously subjective, I can say that I got results. Each week of contemplation appeared to unlock something within my subconscious that allowed me to begin to witness the forces described in the card. For example, the image of Key I, The Magician, made it clear that the self-conscious (me, my ego) has the ability to direct the subconscious. Key II, The High Priestess, represents the virgin subconscious and its vastness when compared to the ego. The imagery evoked a warning of sorts, making it clear that I should be careful with what I plant within, as it could easily get out of control.

Now, these ideas are fine to read about and rationalize, as I was doing before I began my experiment, but it is not the same thing as actually contemplating and meditating on them. I highly encourage others to take this or something similar up for themselves. Spend a few minutes a day by first quieting the mind, and then in contemplation. Poetry would probably be a fine thing to work with, or any religious text of interest. If you would like to work with the Tarot, I recommend starting with the famous Waite-Smith deck.

These fifteen minutes a day of experiential work have done more good for me than any amount of reading.