Benefits of Private Kindergartens in Singapore

Benefits of Private Kindergartens in Singapore

Private kindergartens in Singapore are quite popular, not just with Singaporeans but with expatriates as well. Parents of children ready for kindergarten lookout for preschools that are likely to provide their kids with the right foundation for formal education.

Since many private schools have been in the market much longer than kindergartens affiliated to the Ministry of Education, there are certainly several benefits that have kept parents interested in introducing their children to formal education through private kindergarten Singapore. 

Private kindergartens use multiple curriculums.

The MOE approved six curriculums to be used in kindergarten for children. Private kindergartens opt to use or multiple curriculums to educate the young children who are taking the first step to getting a formal education. 

If you are looking for a kindergarten in Singapore, you’ll find them using Montessori, Play-based, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf Steiner, The High Scope Method, and The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. All these curriculums have advantages, and some kindergartens opt to use two or three of these curriculums for additional benefits for the children. Private kindergartens have greater flexibility when it comes to choosing the curriculum to use and how the knowledge is passed onto the kindergarteners.  

The MOE kindergartens, on the other hand, have to follow specific programmes set up by the ministry. MOE incorporates two major programmes in the kindergarten curriculum, The HI-Light and Starlight Literacy programmes. A kindergarten for children that is under the Ministry of Education has no option but to use these programmes. 

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Private kindergartens are strategically located.

Unlike a MOE kindergarten, a private kindergarten Singapore has greater flexibility when it comes to where it is located. It can be located anywhere, including the mall and other commercial centres. The investors and directors of private kindergartens have the right to establish their kindergartens wherever they wish to unless there is cause for the permit to be denied. 

This makes it possible for parents to decide if they would like their kids to attend a kindergarten closer to home or place of work. So, parents, especially if both are working, don’t feel the pressure of one person giving up their job to be closer to the child, since they can decide where to enrol the child based on their schedule. 

Well trained educators

Since there is intense competition to provide quality education and care to children, most kindergartens endeavor to ensure they provide nothing but the best in a bid to attract more parents and children to the school. One way that they do this is through the hiring and training of the kindergarten teachers. This is done to ensure the kindergarten for children is recognized as one of the best, and that the children are ready to proceed to primary school when they complete kindergarten. 

The teachers are not hired because they are qualified, but most private kindergartens appreciate that a teacher’s temperament is just as important as her qualifications. Some kindergartens carry out regular assessments are training to ensure the teachers maintain the same standard even after teaching for several years. This gives parents the confidence and peace of mind knowing that their children are in good hands.

 If you have a little one and are looking for a kindergarten for children, you have plenty of options when choosing from the private facilities. Ensure you consider your child’s needs when making your choice because one kindergarten will have an advantage over the others, and it could be the cost or additional services offered.