A Guide to Private Kindergarten Curriculums in Singapore

A Guide to Private Kindergarten Curriculums in Singapore

The first formal education that kids receive is from kindergarten for children. Even when some parents make an effort to give their children basic training before they join kindergarten, one cannot overlook the value addition the child receives from kindergarten. This is why private kindergartens in Singapore endeavour to have the right curriculum framework and put this list into practice. 

When coming up with a framework to guide some of the best private kindergartens in Singapore, experts emphasize the importance of having the child at the centre of each curriculum creation process. This is the only way for a kindergarten to ensure it has the right curriculum. A kindergarten that implements its curriculum towards the development and well-being of the children is likely to succeed. 

Enhance the active learning principle

Kindergartners are active learners by nature. They learn by observing, imagining, exploring, investigating, discovering, and sharing knowledge. Most private kindergartens appreciate that they will get more children enrolled in the institution if their curriculum surround the child’s care and education. Most kindergartens centre their curriculum around a child’s interactions because they form the basis of their learning process. Besides play-based learning, many private kindergartens also use structured learning to educate the young ones. 

Create a positive learning environment

Since young children respond to their environment when it comes to their attitude towards practically anything, private kindergartens prepare them psychologically for learning. This is done by coming up with a structured learning schedule to help children appreciate the importance of following a schedule, knowing fully well that structured learning is utilized in primary school. 

Private kindergarten Singapore also creates the perfect learning environment for preschoolers by training teachers to be receptive to the needs of children, even as they teach them. When the teacher is approachable, children are likely to enjoy the lessons more. 

Establish a home-school partnership

Children respond best to predictability and routine, both at home and in school. Preschoolers rely on their parents and teachers to help them learn and become successful. This requires teamwork because once a child realizes that there is a discord between what the teacher says and what the parent says. A child can easily start rebelling. To avoid this, parents and teacher should try as much as possible to be on the same page. 

Invest in the necessary resources

Parents expect a lot from private kindergartens for children. When they are considering enrolling their child into a private kindergarten Singapore, parents often as about the teaching resources, especially in cases where the fees are high. Some of the teaching resources that parents find critical include enough classrooms, well-trained teachers, enough playthings, sufficient space, and the right teacher-pupil ratio. 

Some private kindergartens Singapore also have extra learning resources, especially for children who work till late. For example, some have music, drama, singing, and other talent searches to help the children gain from holistic development. 

There is so much that private kindergartens can do to help parents to become more comfortable and willing to take a chance on the preschool. Investing in the right resources will help kindergartens to become more successful with a high student turn out.