Things to check on your visit to a Singapore international school

Parents want to ensure that the Singapore international school they choose for their child is the right fit for them. While you can research schools online, look up information such as fees, costs, distance, facilities, on the school website , nothing compares to actually visiting the school. A visit will enable to see for yourself the facilities on offer, the quality of teachers, and the condition of the classrooms. You cannot drop by uninvited though. You might want to get an appointment with the school authorities, so that they can plan for your visit.

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You need to look out for the following factors in particular.

Classroom setup

since your child will spend a major part of the day in the classroom, you need to check out more than the facilities on offer. The seating arrangements will tell you if the classroom is crowded or well planned. You might want to visit on a school day, to get an idea of how students actually spend the day at the school. You would need to look at how disciplined the students are, whether outside the classrooms, changing classes, or during lunch breaks.


It is important to learn more about the qualifications of the teachers who will teach your child, and teachers in general at the singapore international school. You can casually chat with the teachers to learn more about their background, their qualifications, and if they are pleasant and accommodating. It is important to consider staff turnover, since high turnovers mean that the school teaching staff are not happy and this can disrupt the education of your child. You would also need to get to learn more about the teaching methods used, special activities, and so on.


The behavior of the students will tell you a lot about the discipline of the school, and the overall atmosphere. Unruly students are not usually common at international schools, since the teachers are trained to encourage students at studies without being overbearing. still, you would want to check how the students converse with and involve with their teachers and other students. If your child is adept in English, you might want to ensure the other students can also converse with your child in English, so that he or she can easily acclimatize to the new school.

Food and facilities

The quality of food is important and you can visit the lunch room to look at how food is prepared and served. You can then look at some of the other facilities, such as library, play ground, transportation area.