Reasons why an Educator has an Important Role to Play in a Nursery School

Besides parents, an educator plays the most important role in a child’s life. Since preschool education develop the social, mental and physical aspect of the child, it is understood that a preschool educator plays a significant role in a preschool child’s life. These educators help in moulding and shaping the child’s characteristics; habits. They take care of the children by paying attention to their needs and wants individually. The preschool education received at the preschool stage has a direct impact on the development of these children as well as on the adult human being they are to become in future. The importance of preschool education is becoming known to the general mass and hence nursery school in Singapore are becoming important.

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It is thereby concluded that preschool educators play a vital role in the life of the pre-schoolers. Let us discuss briefly the important roles they play.

While going to a preschool, a child is stepping out of his homely environment for the first time. The child thus has no habit of staying away from parents for a long time. Therefore it is important for an educator to create a comfort zone for the children so that they feel at home. If the children are not made comfortable in their nursery schools, it would be impossible for the teachers to make them pay attention in their classes.

The educators are the only ones who can bridge the gap between the child and the parents while the kids are away from home. The educators have to always keep the parents updated about the child’s habits, achievements, needs, problems and everything else. A pre-schooler is not mature enough to share everything with the due importance and proper explanation to their parents and hence the role of an educator becomes predominant.

Often we find parents expecting very high from their little kids or complaining about the inability of their children. The preschool educator has to explain to them that it is not always justified to expect or complain. Not all children are bestowed with equal capabilities. Thus one needs to first understand the child’s limits. The educator has to take up an important role in helping the parents.
The educators have to take up an active role in planning the routine which he or she would follow throughout the week with the children. It is important to plan out the lesson plan, the activities, the displays for classrooms and many more. To give effective and quality time to children, the educator has to always remain active.