Involvement of parents can boost preschool learning

Preschool Education
How a child will be nurtured and brought up is decided by the parents of the child. In fact it is the responsibility of the parents to take decisions about the child—how the child will be brought up, what kind of education the child will receive. Parents have a pivotal role to play in the academic progress of the child. They also play a vital role in deciding the overall social growth of the child.

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Preschool is the first academic and social group to which a child is exposed. Preschools assist parents in the upbringing of the child. Preschool education prepare the child for the crests and troughs of the real world—the formal education system. Preschool for toddlers along with parental support help in the holistic growth and development of the child. A good preschool education greatly contributes to a child’s growth into becoming a self-dependent and responsible adult.

Preschool for toddlers is very important. But these preschools become all the more effective when they involve the parents of the child in their teaching program. A good trained preschool teacher along with the parents can contribute immensely towards the growth of the toddler.

Parental Involvement

Children become more creative with parental involvement: children have a different way of perceiving the world and their perceptions are usually very funny and creative. They tend to have a vivid imagination and they think creatively. They can also adapt easily to changing circumstances. Children’s creativity is greatly enhanced with the involvement of the parents. With a vibrant learning environment at home, preschool education also becomes more effective.
Parents should encourage verbally rather than by giving incentives: children love gifts, there is no doubt about that. But giving a child a reward every time he or she does well is not the right way of bringing up your child. Instead using words of encouragement can be a great moral booster for the child. Encouraging and appreciative words from the parents will inspire the child to put in more effort.
Improve academic performance of the child: it has been observed that parental involvement greatly influences the academic performance of the child. After all parents are the primary educators of the child. Hence children whose parents are more involved in the academic performance of the child tend to do better academically.

A moral boost for the teacher: a preschool teachers invests a lot in the growth of the child. A teacher feels morally more uplifted if they see that the parents are taking a keen interest in the upbringing of the child.