Choosing international schools over local schools in Singapore

If you are an expat with family residing in Singapore, you might be considering options for the education of children. While the local education system is efficient, with plenty of competent schools in the area, you might still settle for a Singapore international school.

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Here are some of the reasons you might choose this type of school.

Familiar culture

Let us face it. While you love the concept of globalization and are very accepting of different cultures, you might be aware that your child might initially find a classroom with a completely different setup to be daunting. An international school offers the nurturing environment that your child needs, as he or she begins to get used to a new culture, and starts to explore the new setting. The child will have English speaking classmates and teachers, food that he or she is familiar with, and therefore, less stress.

More amenities

International schools in Singapore may offer more in terms of amenities. If you want your child to be comfortable during hot summer months, then an international school will offer air conditioning. Also, there will be more infrastructure, whether in terms of sports facilities, libraries, audio visual rooms, or other extra curricular activities. International schools also follow a more internationally accepted curriculum ensuring that when you relocate your child does not find it difficult to get accepted into another international school.

Less work load

The schools that function under local curricular guidelines can have high expectations from students. If you want your child to have lesser work load and home work, then an international school might offer the type of curriculum that they might have been used to back home or in any other country. Also, the international schools make it a point to give a fun learning experience to children. If your child dreads difficult subjects such as science, mathematics, or even geography, then an international school is a better choice.

Support for parents

When you are far from home in another country, no matter how hospitable the people, you want to stay within the familiarity of a culture you know. At an international school, you may come across parents in situations similar to yours. this helps parents develop a social network and a place to find support. Also, having the children in the same social network could ease your worries considerably. The rules at international schools are more relaxed, and parents have more say in the education of their children.